Combined Technologies
for Commercial Buildings

Solve your high electricity bills, with Maximum Return on Investment

Experience in Commercial Solar

Our Team has extensive experience over a decade, with hundreds of commercial solar projects, from office & apartment buildings, industrial & municipal, to utility scale projects. Few if any companies offer what we offer– combining key energy efficiency equipment with solar photovoltaic systems for optimal Return on Investment. We can show you how, then model systems for your own building, before you make the decision.



A combination of tax incentives and utility bill reductions yields a compelling and reliable Return on Investment. We can reduce costs for usage, peak demand, time of use rates. LED lighting also reduces O&M costs dramatically. The systems can be collateral in zero down financing options, so you need not spend you own money. With one solar technology the cost of a new flat roof, or a re-roof, can earn solar tax incentives.

How We Work

First we do a rough model and show you what’s possible. Then we analyze your electricity bills, lighting & electrical system, and enhance the model for these data points. We’ll show you both purchase and finance options. If you cannot or don’t want to use the tax incentives our investor partners will own and lease the systems to you. This involves a Capital Lease (you take tax incentives) or Operating Lease (investors take tax incentives). For non-profits it’s an Energy Savings Agreement.

Absorb Cost of Roof into System

Turn your need to re-roof from an expense into a profit opportunity. Two sided, or Bifacial panels receive solar radiation bouncing back from the roof.  When installing them on a cool white TPO roof the power production will be boosted significantly, making these the most powerful solar panels available.  The IRS has ruled that a portion of the roof cost can earn the solar tax credit and accelerated depreciation.  The result is the best ROI we have seen. Ask us for details.



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